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Carolyn Apostolou

Corporate Health & Well-being Accredited Coach

Discover How to Finally Sleep and Get Your Energy Back

So You Can Conquer and Thrive in Your Field

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What You'll Get During My Wellness Coaching

Setting Boundaries

Learn to create healthy boundaries to protect your time, energy and well-being in the workplace

Stress Management

Develop techniques to effectively manage stress and build resilience to navigate the pressures inherent in executive roles.

Work-Life Balance

Gain tools and insights to strike a harmonious balance between your professional responsibilities and personal life.

“When I first approached Carolyn, I was suffering from late night sleep, tossing and turning at night and waking up feeling like a zombie every day. I could not bring myself to get out of bed and go to work on time. I also had no energy during the day. With Carolyn’s experienced coaching and the introduction of doTERRA essential oils, she has helped me sleep like a baby and I’m now waking up feeling amazing every day! I couldn’t have done it without Carolyn.”

Joanne Milides

What People Have Said About My Coaching Programs

“When burnout consumed me and my sleep (or lack of) was becoming a very real problem, Carolyn became my guiding light. Her compassionate support and tailored coaching empowered me to transform my reality and I was able to discover the healing power of not only restful nights but I also learned to prioritise my own well-being. I honestly can’t recommend Carolyn’s program enough! These days, I’m happy to say I’m waking up feeling so much more energetic, I’m embracing productivity and I feel much more in control with strategies in place to manage stress when those days and weeks do pop up. Thank you Carolyn for your expertise and support.”

Lisa Pascoe

“The three sessions have changed my life! I have listened to the recordings for several weeks and my sleeping pattern has improved enormously. Carolyn contacts me regularly to check on my progress and has offered to edit the hypnosis recording so that I am able to gain full benefit, but I am comfortable with the recording she provided. I sing the praises of the sessions to all my friends and family and know others would gain benefit from working with Carolyn through her caring and knowledgeable process.”

Dale Key

Carolyn Aspotolou Corporate Health & Wellbeing

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